ArtsUnite: A must-see at The Roxy Revue Bar

Songstress Salome Damon wows fans at ArtsUnite.

Image credit: Kelly Pearce

With the current pandemic finally breathing a breath of fresh air on the Cape Town Entertainment Industry after a full blown year of the curtain closed, ArtsUnite is a brand new initiative brought forth by Bridgette Brukman in partnership with GRANDWEST and the Roxy Revue Bar.

What could be the official breakthrough for all Cape Town based entertainers, has arrived after Grandwest Casino and Entertainment World linked up with Bridgette Brukman, Director of Brukman Consulting in March, to conjure up a great opportunity for the local arts industry to flourish again.

“ This project had no specific target in mind, it evolved organically and aims to create work income for as many artists as possible. We currently have 33 artists, 16 shows and one stage to perform on, it’s all going down at the Roxy Revue Bar throughout the month of May” says Bridgette.  While each show is a one night only experience, there’s a wide variety to choose from so don’t limit yourself to just one night, book a few to make sure you don’t miss out on the cream of the crop of our lekker local arts. 

One of the artists to play his part; Yaaseen Barnes said: “ It’s good to be back on stage and working again, I think the income loss was a big knock. Onstage presence means so much to me and many others. It’s also a great honour for me to be part of the My Child Has Cancer project where it’s simply the love for charity that pays the bills.”  

Craig Lucas serenades fans at ArtsUnite.

Image credit: Kelly Pearce

Check out the stellar line-up for the remaining shows below:

Project Comedy Live – Thursday 20th May featuring Lunga Tshuka Ambrose Uren CJ Benson Eugene Mathews

Fagrie Isaacs – Friday – 21st May

Nur Abrahams – Saturday – 22nd May

Anslin Gysman – Wednesday – 26th May

My child has Cancer Trust Comedy Fundraiser-Thursday – 27th May Host: Carl Weber Arlene Petersen Ryan Josephs  Eugene Mathews  Lerato Sokhulu Keith Mukhram Yaaseen Barnes

Vuvu Kumalo – Friday – 28th May

Robin Pieters – Saturday – 29th May

For Ticket Bookings available at R150, email .

All shows start at 8pm.

Doors open at 7:15pm.

Duration: 90 minutes

Social media details: Facebook: @brukmanconsulting Instagram:

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